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Budd Defends NC-Based F-15E Strike Eagles from Cuts During Hearing with Joint Chiefs Chairman

Washington, D.C. — During today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) defended the importance of the F-15E Strike Eagle to the United States’ strength around the world and elicited praise for the aircraft from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General C.Q. Brown.

General Brown said of the F-15E Strike Eagle: “The F-15E Strike Eagle is a very capable platform.”

Senator Budd also called out the Air Force for divesting some F-15E Strike Eagles from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina saying: 

“I keep highlighting these issues, Mr. Chairman, because the Air Force plans to divest 26 of these Strike Eagles, and at the same time buying less than expected F-15EXs and F-35s. Meanwhile, China is rapidly expanding their Air Force. So I’m seriously concerned about the growing fighter gap.”

Full video of Senator Budd questioning is HERE


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