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Video: Budd Uncovers “Alarming” Number of Drone Incursions at U.S.-Mexico Border

Washington, D.C. — During Senator Ted Budd’s (R-NC) questioning at today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, the Commander of United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, General Gregory Guillot, disclosed that there are currently thousands of drone incursions along the southern border every month.

In response to Senator Budd’s questioning, General Guillot said, “the number of incursions was something that was alarming to me.”

As to the number of incursions, General Guillot said, “I don’t know the actual number. I don’t think anybody does, but it’s in the thousands… We could probably have over a thousand a month.”

Meanwhile, the Air Force is divesting aircraft including F-15E Strike Eagles from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina that are critical to homeland defense.

General Guillot said of the F-15Es: “The F-15E Strike Eagle is a phenomenal aircraft… It’s in many ways unmatched air to ground, and in many ways it’s unmatched air to air. It has a phenomenal radar that can… pick out low, slow moving, and also low radar cross-section, such as drones or other threats like cruise missiles. So the Strike Eagle is a fantastic aircraft.”

Full video of Senator Budd questioning is HERE.


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