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Budd Speaks on NC Hostages in Gaza, Demands Release Before Aid

Washington, D.C. — In a speech on the Senate floor, Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) demanded the release of all American hostages, including North Carolinians, held by Hamas terrorists before any U.S. aid is sent to the Gaza Strip.

Watch the full speech:

Key excerpts:

“Make no mistake, the only word to describe Hamas is evil, and when they commit atrocities like those of October 7th, we must not look away.”

“One aspect of the October 7th attack that continues to this day is the plight of the more than 200 innocent people currently being held hostage in Gaza, including several Americans – including some from my own state of North Carolina.”

“Last week I met with some of these families here in Washington. They told me stories about their loved ones and gave me their photos. These families, their fear and their heartache is something that no American should ever have to face.”

“Given that Gaza is governed by Hamas, I simply do not believe it is right to give a dime of taxpayer money to the very terrorists who are holding Americans hostage. When this funding package comes to the floor, I plan to offer several amendments to hold all humanitarian aid to Gaza until each and every American hostage is home and is safe.”


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