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Budd Joins Letter Demanding DOJ & FBI Protect Whistleblowers Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme

Jul 19, 2023 | News, Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) has joined a letter calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to protect agency whistleblowers who disclosed the existence of FBI records alleging a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national.

The letter was led by Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) and signed by a total of 23 Senators.

Full text of the letter:

We write to you today in support of the brave and courageous Department of Justice (DOJ) whistleblowers who have approached Senator Grassley’s office to disclose wrongdoing within DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Whistleblowers put their lives, careers, and reputations on the line to bring the truth to light. Whistleblowers have and continue to play a vital role in exposing government misconduct at all levels.  Without whistleblowers, Congress would have never known the existence of the unclassified FD-1023 form involving an alleged multi-million dollar bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and a foreign national.  

On October 13, 2022, Senator Grassley wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and U.S. Attorney David Weiss with respect to whistleblower disclosures that indicated the “FBI has within its possession significant, impactful and voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by Hunter and James Biden.”  DOJ and FBI failed to respond.

On May 3, 2023, Senator Grassley and Chairman Comer wrote to Attorney General Garland and Director Wray noting that DOJ and FBI possess an unclassified FD-1023 that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.

The FBI refused to even admit this document existed until Senator Grassley informed Director Wray on May 31, 2023, that he had reviewed it.  

Then, on June 7, 2023, the FBI agreed to provide the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability in camera access to the document.  However, the FBI only provided the unclassified document to the House in a classified facility and with significant redactions.

On June 12, 2023, Senator Grassley spoke on the Senate Floor and noted, based on legally protected whistleblower disclosures, that the FD-1023 provided to the House redacted reference to 17 recordings, which included 15 recordings between the foreign national and Hunter Biden and two recordings between the foreign national and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

DOJ and FBI have refused to produce a fully unredacted version of the FD-1023 to either the Senate or the House.  Getting a full and complete 1023 is critical for the American people to know and understand the true nature of the document and to hold DOJ and FBI accountable.

Whistleblowers are brave men and women who perform an invaluable public service and must be protected.  Accordingly, we demand that you commit that no taxpayer funds will be used by DOJ or FBI to expose the identity of or retaliate against any whistleblowers.  Please respond no later than August 1, 2023 with your commitment to do so.


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