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Budd Co-Sponsors Bill to Impose Sanctions on the Taliban

Washington, D.C. — Senator Ted Budd (R-NC) has co-sponsored S. 1768 to impose sanctions on the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

The bill was originally introduced by Senator James Risch (R-ID). 

Under the bill, sanctions could be suspended only if the Taliban government meets the following benchmarks:

  • Publicly and privately break all ties with other terrorist groups, including al Qaeda.
  • Prevent the use of Afghanistan as a platform for terrorist attacks against the United States or allies of the United States.
  • Allow humanitarian organizations unimpeded access to vulnerable populations throughout Afghanistan.
  • Respect freedom of movement and the safe, voluntary, and dignified return of displaced persons. 
  • Support the establishment of a government that respects the rule of law, freedom of the press, and human rights, including the rights of women and girls.

Sen. Budd said in a statement:

“Following President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban government has recreated the horror that existed in Afghanistan before 9/11. It is critical that the United States impose sanctions on the Taliban to hold them accountable, stop their sponsorship of terrorism, end their gross violation of human rights, cease their trafficking of drugs, and ensure a free and open government. Thank you to Senator Risch for leading this important measure.”


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